All of the photographs you see on this website mean something to me personally and I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I enjoyed creating them.
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My working photo history goes back to the 70’s but life and the computer business caught my attention and I put my cameras down as far as a career. I learned a new set of skills with computers and software and have been blessed by that decision.

By the mid-90's I had my own tech support business working with designers, videographers, and photographers in the Midlands of South Carolina. I began to see the impact digital photography was having on everything I was involved in so I invested in new digital camera equipment and made the commitment to shoot my way back into photography.

My creativity has matured and gives me a more unique perspective on shooting than I ever had. It might sound corny but I really do see photographs in my mind before I take the first picture.

There are tens of thousands of people trained to take good photographs and if good what you're looking for, then it won't take you very long to find your photographer. Personally, I have no interest in being just good. I want to be the best I can be whether I'm working for you or shooting on a walkabout for myself.

My goal isn't to just take pictures though. My goal is to create photographic art that you would be proud to hang on your walls in your home or office. I want people to pause when they see my images and feel something when they see my work.

Enjoy your visit here and let me hear from you if you want to talk photography. I won't try to do it all but I would at least like the chance to consider it.